Psy Gentleman Video

Videos with Psy – The Gentleman

Rose Queen performing both Gangnam Style and Gentleman

Dance performance by Rose Queen 2015. Both Gangnam Style and Gentleman.

Waveya performance in Macau

Waveya, the Korean dance group has made a nice performance in Macau, the Chinese Las Vegas.

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Waveya Shakira Lalala Brazil World Cup 2014

Waveya is dancing to the Shakira song Lalala which is also the World Cup song of 2014.

Psy – Hangover feat. Snoop Dogg

A new single from Psy feat. Snoop Dogg. Seems like Snoop is doing most of the “singing”.

Waveya twerking

Waveya is the korean dance group who had their breakthrough when they did a dance cover of Psy – Gangnam Style.

Now they are about to get even more famous when they do some serious twerking to Ain’t a party from David Guetta.

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Deadpool vs Gentleman

Another parody of the song Gentleman. D-Piddy as Deadpool.

Psy dancing the gentleman dance to christmas music

Psy is doing his dance moves from the video Gentleman. The only difference is that the music playing in this video is a christmas song.

Psy Gentleman in New York

This is a fun video from New York. It starts with a man that acts just like Psy and you have to watch what happens next!

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Psy Gentleman Pilates

This is a clip how you can do Pilates to Psy – Gentleman! Very nice!

Psy Hongtleman parody by Trend Factory

Psy Gentleman (Hongtleman). A parody made by Trend Factory.